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Many thanks Carmelia for sharing these greAt tips….

Many thanks Carmelia for sharing these greAt tips….

So thats were we are…but personally I think like down and would like to know very well what occurred or whats going on…i really with this girl and think we both want the same things in life…i have read online that she went cold because it moved to fast…and she is freaked out…am i overeacting and need to chill…can this be reversed and start fresh and move slow like her and havent felt like this for years ( i have dated alot) but see myself? simply searching for some advice that is female how to proceed using this point

This is certainly quite the whirlwind with you BOTH, that it was WAY TOO FAST that you just described and I have to agree! We don’t genuinely believe that you will be over-reacting to your circumstances about experiencing away from types, but this extremely fast begin and make use of of this expressions “I love you…discussion of kiddies, wedding, introduction to instant family relations” is truly not advised by any one of dating and relationship professionals I’m sure.

The truth that intercourse arrived just like quickly and also you ejaculated for me(if I were you) to begin with into her and she did NOT have an issue with that, would really cause some red flags. I actually do perhaps not understand sufficient about either of you to definitely comment fairly and also to provide you with any individualized advise until i understand more.

I would personally strongly suggest it down that you slow. You can’t really “start over” when you crossed the conclusion line already…as far as intercourse can be involved. I actually do perhaps not know very well what either of one’s long-lasting objectives really are, aside from everything you’ve provided when you look at the remarks area.

You may be constantly accountable for the options and going using the movement can perhaps work often. But there’s consequences that are typically negative going too fast. Read More